How to Get Clean Air For Your New Home

Being able to breathe clean air is pretty important. This is a fact that generally goes without needing to be said, and yet, we make compromises in this area all the time. We poo- poo the dust and dirt in the air, chalk it up to things we do not have control over, and often, do not do anything about our air quality until and if we get sick.

We may talk a good game about needing clean air, but we owe to ourselves to do far more than talk. While it may not be quite as simple as declaring a moratorium on pollution, we can at the very least clean up the air in our homes and make them as livable as they can be.

Dust, Dander and Atmospheric Dirt

No matter how well you clean your home, where you live, or how many people you live with, dirt and dust abound. Particles from other people’s exhalations, airborne particles in and around our homes, and our very own breathable germs are all part and parcel of the things our lungs contend with every day. So while there is no way to eliminate these things altogether, there are ways we can bring more of the good air in and keep the bad air out.

Filling Your Home With Clean Air

Short of living in a bubble, how are we to fill our homes with clean air?  There are in fact several ways to do this that are far easier than setting up residence in a bubble.

Groom Your Animals

Even cats and dogs that are not allowed on furniture, produce dander and shed fur. You cannot prevent either from happening, but you can keep both to a minimum by grooming your animals regularly. This decreases the amount of free floating fur and dander, and keeps the air that much cleaner. Using a HEPA filter and grooming them outside or at a professional groomer is highly suggested, too.

Make Sure Your Air Filters are Working Properly

Not only do you need air filters, but you must also make sure they are in good working order. The staff at can provide you with quality air filters, professional support, and all the filter help you need.

Remove Mold

Mold forms in wet, damp spaces and can spread into your vents and significantly affect the air quality in your home. In addition to locating and repairing the water leak that is likely contributing to mold growth, you can get rid of it by using natural products, such as baking soda, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. While these items may not smell great, they are not toxic.

Open the Windows

The most effective way to get more clean air into your home is by opening your windows. You do not have to keep your windows open all day, but even a little fresh air will help.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers do exactly what their name says, and they are great additions to the quality air filters you are already using!

Get a Houseplant

Houseplants do not just add a bit of nature to your home, but also purify the air. Plants, through their innate ability to reduce the benzene and ammonia in the air, can add a little beauty and a breath of fresh air to homes and offices alike.

Regularly Wash Pillows

Pillows collect the dry skin that sloughs off of us, making them a tasty landing pad for dust mites. Dust mites can dramatically affect the quality of your air, but are easily killed when the fabrics they live on are washed in hot water.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils such as eucalyptus, pine, lemon, thyme, and others naturally fight off certain bacteria, mold, and other airborne toxins. And as a side benefit, they can make your home smell great- naturally!

Stop Smoking and Have Others Smoke Outside

This is obvious advice for people with and without respiratory problems.

Choose Blinds Over Curtains

Dirt and dander bind to cloth curtains, allowing contaminants to enjoy unwarranted exposure wherever you use window treatments. Instead, use blinds that can be regularly dusted and cleaned and do not attract particles that cling.

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