Diet Tips You Should Stick To On Thanksgiving

Treat Thanksgiving just like any ordinary day by continuing with your usual physical activities and exercises. If the gym is closed, do indoor exercises or engage in other activities that will require physical exertion. For example, if you need to do some shopping, park your car a few blocks away from the store so you can engage in some brisk walking. Skipping the elevator and/or the escalators in favor of the stairs can also work quite well.

It is so easy to grab quick but carb-laden and fatty snacks when doing your shopping during Thanksgiving day. But instead of picking up the next fry, stash an apple in your bag. Better yet, eat first before you do your shopping.

Most people work up an appetite for a big party by skipping lunch or breakfast. Doing so can only lead to disaster, as skipping meals will result in binging. A simple trick is to eat right. Have complete but light meals, like a bowl of oatmeal and fruits for breakfast, chips for light morning snack, then your usual lunch, and another light afternoon snack. I am pretty sure that by the time the big Thanksgiving dinner comes, you will not have the urge to gobble up everything that is set on the buffet table.

Just because the dishes were served buffet-style, it does not mean that you need to eat them all. Instead, browse casually over the fare and do a mental calculation of all the calories that you might get. If you really cannot resist the temptation of all those fattening foods, take small portions of each dish. This way, you get to taste a bit of everything without having to pop a few buttons on your jeans.

Remove all visible fats (chicken skin, pork and beef fat) as they have the tendency to settle in your waist, hips, and thighs. If you really want meat dishes, at least choose the lean, barbecued, roasted, or grilled kind.

Avoid alcoholic drinks, sodas, and concentrated juices as these are packed with calories. Aside from packing on the sugar, these drinks also have the tendency to bloat you up. Instead, ask for water and take a sip between your bites. Water will fill you up without the bloated feeling and cleanse your palate for total food enjoyment.

Always go for vinaigrette for your salad dressing instead of the rich concoctions like thousand island, Ceasar, or blue cheese dressings. If salad dressing options are not available, just dip the tines for every forkful. It is just as flavorful, but with less calories.

Just stop when you feel you have had enough. Learn to politely reject whatever is offered to you. If you are afraid to offend people, just have a taste of their offering.

Studies show that the slower you eat, the lesser your tendency of overeating. Take your time to savor each bite while enjoying a conversation with family and friends. Remember that Thanksgiving is not just about food but about bonding with our loved ones as well.

Grab fruits for dessert instead of fudges and pies. This is because fruits act as buffer, and their fiber and water content will make you feel full. Thus, you will not have to worry about overeating.

All the Thanksgiving preparations tend to conk you out, and this tends to promote overeating. The trick, however, is to learn to say no to those tasks that you know you cannot handle. When the stress from all those activities take its toll on you, take time out to move away and do some deep breathing.

Pair every party you attend to with a physical activity or an exercise regimen. By burning the calories you take in, you will not only keep your present weight, but also have the potential to lose more.

All the Thanksgiving buzz around you can make you feel that you do not have the time for your fitness activity. To avoid making excuses for not exercising or putting it off for another day and completely forgetting about it, strive to make exercise your first activity of the day.

To make sure that you have something healthy to eat when attending Thanksgiving dinner, try bringing a bowl of salad or other healthy alternatives. You do not only make a nice guest, you also get an assurance that you get to stand by your healthy diet game plan.

Remember that this is the time to celebrate togetherness with family and friends; to toast for love, life, and happiness. Keeping this in mind will help you enjoy the real meaning of the season, and all the worry about food and your diet only secondary.

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