What Does “Doctor of Oriental Medicine” Mean?

Each year, thousands of people become Doctors of Oriental Medicine. While the tite may suggest otherwise, this designation is not a license to practice medicine. Rather, is is a Master level degree program that focuses on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to include the use of herbs.This degree program typically takes three to four years to complete. While an Miami acupuncture practitioner can use this education towards becoming licensed, there are other states that require less education and training as well as a few that require more. Students that receive this designation are trained to use integrative medical techniques that include herbs and acupuncture within patient treatment plans. In this article you will learn more about the medical philosophy of Oriental medicine as well as the training required to become a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Philosophy of Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine has been used in China and other regions of Asia for more than 5,000 years. It is based on the principles of yin and yang (opposite qualities that everything in the universe exhibits) as well as the principle of Qi (pronounced “chee”) which is the energy that lives in your body. According to Oriental Medicine, your body can only be in a state of health and vitality when your yin and yang energy is balanced and you have the proper flow of Qi throughout your body.

A primary treatment method of Oriental Medicine is the use of acupuncture. This is used to clear blockages of Qi that exist throughout your systems. With 12 meridians and 365 acupoints, it is a complex system that has been proven to work well in tandem with western medicine to alleviate chronic pain, anxiety, stress, etc. In addition, Oriental medicine has a heavy focus on the use of traditional chinese herbology. For thousands of years the medicinal use of plants has been recorded. An acupuncturist in Miami uses the same information and recordings as one in China, in order to devise appropriate treatment plans.

What Training is Required?

The typical Doctor of Oriental Medicine program will take three to four years of Master level education in order to complete. During the program, a substantial amount of time is dedicated to the classroom as well as to hands on training. Students will learn and practice traditional acupuncture and Oriental medicine. During their training, they will also learn how to prescribe herbal treatments to patients. After graduation, they will still have to take the State required licensure exam as well as maintain any educational and hand on experience necessary to maintain licensure in each state.

Other Designations For Acupuncturist

There are other designations that match the training of a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Some of those designations include Master of Acupuncture, Master of Oriental Medicine and Doctor of Acupuncture. There is not a singular form of training that is required to practice acupuncture. Each state has their own set of standards. While acupuncture has been recognized by the United States government as a viable form of medicine, it has not yet created a unified national licensing standard. It has been used by medical doctors, chiropractors, dentist and the like in tandem with western medical techniques for many years. Whether you are just curious or have an existing condition, you can rest assured in knowing that your licensed acupuncturist in Miami  or any other state regulated location has received thorough training based on sound principles.

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