History of Java – Interesting Facts about Java

Java was founded by James Gosling. The project was started at Sun Microsystems (in 2007 it was acquired by Oracle). Java was first introduced to the world in 1995.

The main goal to create java was “Write once and run anywhere” . We will discuss why java was needed and what actually java is. There is an interesting article here about the difference between String, StringBuilder and StringBuffer.

There is no doubt that Java is the most popular programming language in the world. It is the only programming language besides python which sees consistent growth of developers demand in the information technology field.

Java is a general purpose programming language.It is class based,concurrent and object oriented. It is also secure, fast and reliable.

Java is cross platform programming language, that is , you can write once and run the code in any operating system (mac, windows, or linux).

Few Interesting Facts about Java :

  1. Mascot : The mascot of java is Duke.
  2. Filename extensions used in java : .class , .jar , .java
  3. Father of java : James Gosling

History of Java :

You will find History of java interesting.

Just like in 2019, Augmented reality or Virtual reality is a radical vision, similarly back in 90’s integration of network computing to the everyday life of human beings was the radical vision.

To fulfil the above vision, a small team named Green team was created which is full of engineers.

Of course, the team was lead by the father of java James Gosling. The Green team worked rigorously and tirelessly. Green team came up with the new programming language whose goal is to target towards the digital cable television industry.

The Green team demonstrated the programming language to the management of Sun Microsystems , but at that time it was too advance.

At the same time internet starting to take off . The Green team had taste first success with java when they were able to convince Netscape Navigator Internet Browser to add and use the programming language created by them.

Today more than 3 billion devices use java everyday and it is still growing.

Green team was in dilemma to give a proper name for the new programming language.

They first gave the name

Greentalk : At that time file extension was .gt

Oak : Name changed to Oak as it is a symbol of strength and endurance. Oak tree is a national tree for more than 50 countries including USA,UK and Canada.

Unfortunately, Oak name was already trademarked by another company named Oak technologies.

Green team gathered together and shortlisted few words . The words that got selected were “revolutionary”,”dynamic”,”silk”,”java” and many others.

They want a word which is easy to spell, reflect coolness and essence of technology.

According to father of java, James gosling : they were shortlisted the words to the two i.e silk and java. Since the word java was unique, that gives the advantage over the word silk which was quite common.

Java is also the name of the island in Indonesia. This is the island where the world’s first coffee was produced.

After going live with Netscape navigator browser , java development kit was first released jdk 1.0 in 1996.

Version history of java

Version    Date

  1.    JDK 1.0   (Jan , 21 , 1996)
  2.    JDK 1.1   (Feb , 19 , 1997)
  3.    J2SE 1.2  (Dec , 08 , 1998)
  4.    J2SE 1.3  (May , 08 , 2000)
  5.    J2SE 1.4  (Feb , 06 , 2002)
  6.    J2SE 5.0  (Sep , 30 , 2004)
  7.    J2SE 6     (Dec, 11 , 2006)
  8.    J2SE 7     (July , 28 , 2011)
  9.    J2SE 8     (Mar , 18 , 2014)
  10.  J2SE 9     (Sep , 21 , 2017)
  11.  J2SE10    (Mar , 20, 2018)
  12. J2SE11    (Sep 18, 2018)

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