How To Be A Nomad – Finding Happiness in Wandering

This is… the ultimate guide on how to become a ‘nomad’ and pursue your dream of traversing the ends and outs of the world’s unknown. There is infinity so much to know, yet so Infinitesimally small amount of time we have to collect knowledge and figure out the big answer to the ultimate question before our grains of time dribble away to nothing. Since we were created we have called this floating rock ‘home’; naming it earth, taking reign on it’s surface. We we introduced so vastly far into the life of this great planet, yet in the short thousands of years we have existed, we have managed to wipe out its natural resources and show utter disregard for all other present life that we so ignorantly life among. Eating to survive is one thing, but what we did was completely different. As humans we did and do now every day and forever will, what sets us aside from all other species. We always try to achieve more. Enough; in never enough for us. Greed and power rule the tides of the the politics, corrupted systems have taken over. who is to say how much longer we will last… we have deforested have the earth already, how many more scares can it bear before it gives up on itself and leaves us with nothing. We as humans are a selfish species. We have the capabilities for wonderful beautiful things, but because we do, there is also the evil and terrible things that create the cycle and complete the spectrum.

This can change your life if you let it.
This is gonna be a long one. I have researched and collected every scrap of information, along with my personal story and experience, to give it to you to show you how to follow your dreams like I have.

What is a nomad?
Have you ever dreamed of being nomadic?
Isn’t it dangerous?
Don’t you have to be rich?
I’m married; I have kids; I’m in school; I’m in debt; I could never do that, it’s just not in my cards.
Some people really are better off just watching others and trying to live through them, but that doesn’t mean you should predispose yourself to fail thus never trying anything risky in the first place.

I am the modern day nomad.
I am a regular face with an extraordinary story… as it exponentially grows every day.

This is an all extensive guide into my mind and the world of nomad-ism from my perspective. Being a nomad means a lot of things. Being a nomad is so infinity more than just someone who travels the world; it’s almost as if it’s a mindset. It’s like a switch that once it’s turned on you can never shut it off. Once you know the truth, you loose yourself in foreign unknowns only to find yourself at the end looking back on a jumble of nearly indescribable experiences slewed across months and years as the times seems to loose potency when your background is forever changing. There is a definitive moment in ones life when everything changes. You’d think it’d while atop the peak of a infamous mountaintop surrounded by wild vastness as far as the eye can see; but no. The ever changing moment takes place at home, or at work, the place means nothing. The change comes when you make the decision to give it all up and follow your dream with no hesitation or remorse. Only when you are free from it all, by looking though so many perspectives can you see the true picture; and oh what a immaculately gorgeous piece of art it can be. To be a nomad you have to change the way you think. You must adapt in far off and foreign surrounding, adjust to things you can’t pronounce.

Nomad, vagabond, drifter, hitchhiker, in the end, there all the same thing.
It’s the state of mind to never stop moving, no never stay still. To indulge, dive in, and experience town after village after city, but with always the intention to leave; never settling– always in motion. That is what makes me what I am. We are in essence, a collaboration of sights and memories, millions of experiences and connections stored and infused within this physical body we hold to so dearly. We are what we’ve seen. We do what we do because we did exactly what we did, when we did it.

So how do you do it?
How many people do you actually know that are nomadic? You hear about those people on television and in the movies like into the wild, but who have you really actually met that gave up everything they had and devoted their life to traveling, or if not that, then simply whole-heartedly pursuing their life dream? Now I myself have met many. The way I look at it is like a scale; a scale of intensity. Some people use big suit cases and stay in hotels, then others use 2 backpacks and stay in high end corporation hostels… those kind of people are lower on the intensity scale, and for most of them, it’s where they should be. They are seeing the world, though they may not be spending all their time optimally, they rank higher than those who don’t travel at all. Next on the scale is your average ‘backpacker’. The guy or girl just out of high school or college ready to brave the big city’s of Europe, crossing off as many counties on ‘their list’ during their 3 months of train riding and bus touring. I’ve met some really quality people that travel in this rank. These people had the courage to brave fear and follow their dream. these people travel in groups, 2-4 for guys and 2-3 with girls; a smart safety per-cation as well as the joy of having your best friends to share your experiences with. I myself have traveled like this with my best friends taking trips to California and Colorado driving thousands of miles in a car. Traveling doesn’t mean you have to leave the country! You would be overwhelmed if only you knew the beautiful places that surround you everyday; hidden in plain sight. The next kind of travelers are of the beginning elite. After so many resorts and hotels and high class hostels with enormous buffets and attached bars and swimming pools, some people can only take so much. This thirst for more… a challenge, something spontaneous and impromptu. So they step it up by upping the risk; for they know the secret of it’s reward. Tightening budgets, immense language barriers, hole in the wall hostels and quirky small town taverns, the ‘nomad’ finds their home; their home on the road. The nomads feel a sense of superiority with their cleverly packed bags and neatly organized compartments, maximizing space to the utmost capacity. On multiple occasions I have caught myself feeling superior in the middle of a conversation at the very moment I realize I am traveling much more efficiently than the person I’m conversing with. I have to consciously monitor my response when asked about ‘my trip’ to make sure not to show any sign of smugness as I recite my lengthy engagement of words and accomplishments. This is a embarrassing confession and is something that I later realized the wrongness in about how I was feeling. For the fact is- even I, am no master of travel. There is a serious lesson within that. I am no master yet I am better than I was the day before. I am far greater now than when I begun this venture. Every day that passes I make mistakes and gain successes in which ultimately are transforming me into who I will become. Every second of every day is a chance to learn, a gift to eternally cherish. With the goal to become a master of travel; if I take steps to reach it every day, then one day I shall reach it. You can always travel lighter, make less mistakes, buy cheaper tickets, spend less money, there is always and forever will be room to improve in every aspect of life.

So what kind of traveler are you?
Have you ever dreamed of seeing the wonders of the world? have you every left your state? Your country? Alone? For an extended period of time? If you aspire to travel yet never have, or if you wish you take your traveling to a new level, I am here to help you. I am here to tell you it’s possible, and it’s easier than you’d ever imagine. And the rush… the addicting pulse of adrenaline rushing though your bloodstream as you immerse yourself within strange and far-off lands of splendor and opportunity. It all starts with the first step. After that… the possibility’s are endless.

So what’s the catch?
It takes grit. You gotta be smart and tough and ready for what ever may happen. There are times when it’s ruff, when you’re hungry and tired but must press forward… weather it may be in a trek across Spain or a trail of local train rides though the barren countryside of Siberia. If you want to be a nomad and think you have what it takes, here is everything you need to know about how to be ultimately efficient, and have the best time of your life. But remember and beware, the rush is more addicting than sugar. Imagine giving sugar up forever… you think ‘hey its just some white powder i don’t need that stuff…’ but if the shit hits the fan one day, SUGAR is gonna be worth more than gold. It’s more addicting than heroin scientists say, and when you think about how many things contain it, you probably consume it every hour. It would be terrible to go without something that makes you so happy in the moment, to never have the grace of it’s presence on your taste buds ever again. Wanna guess my sugar? Traveling and experiencing while wandering the unknowns to capture their essence with my shutter and my words. It is my addiction. I can not foresee a future without it filled with roaming. It is entangled within my fate, and it could be lurking within YOUR OWN VEINS and inside your heart as well. Nomads have to adjust quickly. As a nomad, you are with an inherit lack of information; – constantly being bombarded with UNKNOWN. You don’t know what’s cheap, you probably can’t speak the native tongue, you are most likely unaware of any special ways of saving money, etc. This means that if you can’t make quick calls in an environmental surrounding of constant unknowns and newness, living could become seemingly and unsafe and expensive. Luckily; experience trains you, and give you tools to become better at your faults. So, if you’re scared of your own shadow and find yourself having difficulty making decisions and taking risks, it might be of your very best interest for both happiness and success; to become a nomad and leave your home and your comfort zone behind. To introduce yourself to new environments, cultures and experiences, that your brethren species does every day all around the world. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in our own routines by our vices, that we desensitize ourselves and tune out the world around us about all that is happening. We watch our TV’s, we play our video games, we go to college and get jobs, we get a house and pay the bills. Always just seeming to get by with our payments… Always searching for that better paying job or that hotter girl. What about the civil war in Ukraine right now? What about the innocent lives being slaughtered by their own government and fellow neighbors. We go through our every day lives living in cycles of day and night while poor scared mothers and children stay huddled within their homes wrenching at every heart aching shot fired just outside the door. Blood and bodies litter the street while fire burns out bus’s and cars turned into barricaded on the streets. Being a nomad is more than just traveling, it’s about being aware and indulgent in the other cultures that populate this miraculous gigantic rock floating in a perfect orbit around the perfect star, just far enough away to have seasons and colors and sunsets and rainbows. A few hundred miles in any direction in any direction and all life as we know it would cease to exist. We are forever in debt to the sun for it’s gift of energy and light and it’s mighty orbit that holds our feet the the ground as we constantly spin thousands of miles around the sun that is oh so far away.

You DO NOT need to be rich to travel.
I sure wasn’t. I come from a middle class family who sparred no contribution to my beginning ventures, for I choose to earn the money myself, The feeling of earning it helps me keep it in my pocket. I graduated high school at 18 and started working for a factory that manufactured rope for 9.50 an hour. I saved about 1000 a month, utilizing free board at my parents house as well as a lot of free food. After 11 months of saving and spending 2 thousand bucks on a plane ticket and rail pass… I was off. Metaphorically ‘Into the wild’. I had a plan… to not have a plan; to embrace whatever happened, whenever it happen- letting the wind guide me to wherever fate chooses me to land. And so I did just that. With $8,000.00 left after buying my backpack, all my gear, my tent, my epic shoes, and every little thing I could fit in my small 30 liter backpack, I was ready to go.

If I could save $10,000.00 dollars in 1 year then so can you. That’s not a huge goal… all it takes is 50 bucks a day. People buy cars 4 times that much every few years! That’s 4 life altering explorations into any corner of the world you please. That’s more than enough to buy everything you need and have enough money to be completely nomadic for 3-6 months depending on how strictly you budget. You see, the only person you have to blame with mishaps while on the road is yourself. When there is no one else around to put the blame on, you have to know it was all your fault. In those moments you get knocked down… but the impact makes your body numb so the next time it happens, it hurts just a little bit less. Can you save 10,000 dollars? Is this your dream? What is holding you back?

What if I said you could travel for free?
Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘That’s impossible, even if you didn’t have to pay for a place to stay you would still have to eat and drink and pay for the flight which is thousands of dollars!’ This is the part where I tell you exactly just how wrong that is. The answer is, credit cards, discipline and priority. I am able to save enough to travel the world because I make travel my highest priority in all my free time. If travel is not a priority for you, you will always find some material possession or form of service or entertainment to spend your hard earned money on, thus leading you to never have “enough” money to travel or even majorly alter your routine in a major way. I never have enough money to go buy clothes or go to the bar because I spend my money on travel and put it away to save. There isn’t much room to just spend on impulse. Everything I do revolves around having more money for travelling and my current goals in life along with necessities like gas, food, and bills. I’m soon to be 21 and unlike all my other classmates, I’m not in debt. I make $24,000.00 at a warehouse driving a forklift and In 2 years when they graduate, I’ll have been to 70 countries. They might have degrees in mechanics or metaphysics, but I have seen and felt things that they themselves will never know the blissful beauty of. Like I’ve said, travel isn’t for everyone, some people have simply missed their bountiful opportunity and will let it hold them back from every trying. Your prime is called your prime for a reason… It’s when you’re of the utmost power. The most drive, energy, creativity; your youth is the greatest gift of all. Why spend it in a classroom or on a forklift? What is money but paper after you have everything you need to survive? (food, shelter, water, space.) How happy are on on a scale of how happy you could possibly be? There is always room for improvement.. Who wouldn’t want to be more happy? Take that risk you’ve been fearful of for so long. Brake the chains and free yourself to the world. Unveil the facades that surround you, so that you can see with clarity to where you stand.

Work Overseas;
Not making enough money at your job today? Can’t find a job at all? Why wouldn’t you get a job overseas? There are loads of opportunities in this world as long as you aren’t picky… and after all, are you really looking to start a lifelong career? work is simply a means to make money, and money is what you need to travel(Unfortunately). Here are some simple, easy to get, low requirement jobs that will pay for your hostels or your rent, along with your food and anything else you have allowed in your budget during your travels..

Hostel worker;
Anything from doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, making beds, running the front desk or leading the pub craw, can score you free food and board at a youth filled lodge(hostel) anywhere in the world. there are dozens of open opportunities waiting to be seizing in peak season hostels all around the world! There are even some incredible independently owned hostels that offer open day by day employment in exchange for a free night… What a epic travel loop hole! If you’ve never heard of this this you have to check it out. Across my travels so far I have stayed in two hostels that had different versions of just this. If you ever go to Edinburgh you will hopefully roam past a enormous music hall that plays shows 24/7 365 on the main drag of the best part of the city! It’s disguised as a enormous Gothic style cathedral with the huge banner on the front that simply prints ‘TRON KIRK’. Right down the road is a small cobblestone lane and if you walk along the right side for just 100m you will be standing in front of ‘Highstreet Hostel’ in the center of Edinburgh where beds are 18 euro a right and if you get the inside scoop to show up in the common room at 10am that you could make beds or do laundry to gain a free day of stay. What a better place than this EPIC gem of a building nestled right in the center of old town Edinburgh. So if your ever there, you’d be a fool not to give it a night!

Teach English Overseas;
One of the best ways to make money for travel is to teach English overseas. ‘You can make a lot of money teaching – All you need is the ability to speak English fluently and maybe a TEFL degree, depending on the country you work in. The world is yearning for teachers and this is a job in high demand- – many companies in Asia will even pay for your flight over.’

If you have experience where you live, the more years you have and the better resume you have can make the difference to getting a high end restaurant. There must be English speaking waitresses and waiters in order to take orders for the English speaking guests.

Though you have to be 21 and have a license in some countries, The jobs are more than plentiful. Hotels mainly look for people who speak English specifically to cater to those who do not speak the native tongue. The more languages you know, the more likely you will land this job… and trust me, it’s worth it. It always pays in cash, and often change since there is no 1 currency bill anywhere other than the US.

Farm worker;
Commonly called WOOFing which stands for ‘working on organic farms’ is a incredible way to truly experience the countryside and culture of wherever you choose to visit. There are thousands of farms around Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Asia where you can work on a farm in exchange for free food and a room to calls yours for the duration of your stay. The hours are usually early and it take discipline, Things work differently outside of your home town. The world is a diverse place. You will choose a farm that you pick and depending on if you get accepted or not you can start right away. Year round you can always find a spot on a dairy farm or a yak farm somewhere or another if you aren’t picky. You will essentially become part of the host family as you and who ever else is doing the same thing ass you, run the farm taking out the daily tasks and requirements, that it takes to make it run. You share meals together and relax together. You work time depends on the farm, sometime you work at 5am for 40 hours a week and sometimes all you have to do is milk cows for 5 hours a day.

Cruise ship worker;
I’ve personally met 3 people who have worked on cruise ships and they loved it! The pay is minimum wage and the work is hard, but the pay off is getting to have your own room on a huge boat that’s equipped with anything and everything you could ever need for entertainment, AND it takes you to great locations like Italy, Alaska, and The Bahamas! You get to make money, chill on a cruise ship WITH YOUR DAYS OFF, visit foreign countries that you’ve always dreamed of, and not have to spend a single dime…

Dive instructor;
Though certification is required, it’s not hard to obtain. For few hundred dollar investment for a course and certification class you could be making incredible tips as you guide personal groups of tourists into the great barrier reef of Australia, as you yourself get to be there and experience it yourself, all while you’re making as much as 250 a day! It’s like being a museum guide… but in the middle of the crystal clear glass waters of the outer banks of Down Under. The more gorgeous the day, the more exotic vibrantly speckling creatures you spot, the more money you make at the end of the tour.

Casino worker;
If you’ve worked at a casino before then this could be a incredible job! Native Americans may rule the trade here in the US but everywhere else, it’s a whole different game. Younger ages. More alcohol. Looser laws. And if you speak English and the native tongue the you already have the job! And all you have to do is apply your resume and your EPIC cover letter and a few weeks later you’ll be making the money in a whole new world.

Ski resorts;
Do you like to ski? Are you really talented on snow and seem drawn to the ice?! Why not head to Queenstown, New Zealand or a resort town in France? You can get seasonal work and wages with a work visa as well as your own room and free food and access to the slopes on your off time!

Only you can take the first step to making this all happen.
Working overseas often gets put out of reach in some peoples minds because they think it’s too hard to do. Well… it’s not. Work is work, it’s a fact of life and you have to do it anywhere to survive on your own. Are you going to get some high-paying corporate desk job? Probably not. Chances are you’ll get a shitty, low pay job that will ultimately do what it’s served to do, pay your bills. I have met people nearly hundreds of men and women, alone and in groups, from all walks of life, both from Western and non-Western countries, using these epic opportunities and loopholes to pay for their next night of sleep and the food in their stomach.

Here are four websites that can help you find work overseas with no hassle;
Council on International Educational Exchange Work Abroad Program
Alliances Abroad

Get Free Flights;
There is a secret to never playing for a single flight, ever again. Say hello to the world of ‘travelhacking’. What travel hacking IS is the hack of the credit card loophole. Now assuming you are responsible and possess common sense, all you have to do is sign up for 2 credit cards, and spend money. Now… that sounds kinda silly… what’s the catch right? there isn’t one. With the right cards like Chase Sapphire and the Amex car that you can combine points to ‘earn’ free flights to anywhere in the world… first class! With the sign up of each card you are rewarded 30,000 and 40,000 point upon the first 3 months mark if you were able to spend 2,000$ on each card… which if you think about it isn’t that much! I buy everything with my Chase Sapphire. (And not because my names on the card 3 times) I get double points at every restaurant. Every purchase I make I get closer and closer to a free voyage to a new wondrous land of my choosing. I pay my rent and utilities along with my family’s phone bill and then have everyone pay me in cash so I can re-inject it into my savings account while scoring thousands upon thousands of points every month. Just your average rent alone is around 1,200 a month, that’s 14,400 points in a year just from where you live!

This is a true example of the ability to connect and the hope this world still has. This faithful and diverse community built on travelers and kind souls all around the world. Couchsurfing is a term used to stay on someone extra bed or couch as a service of friendship and as a way to connect and meet new people from all around the world. Using this site allows you to not have to pay for your accommodation, which is the most expensive factor in one budget.

Housesitting resources:
House Carers
Mind My House
The Caretaker Gazette

Get rail passes;
Booking ahead of time can usually save you about 50% of the cost of a train ticket, but if you don’t want to be tied into a fixed schedule, rail passes can save you a lot of money in the right situation but can end up losing you money a lot as well.

Alright I’ll shut up now…
I’ll probably add on and revise this post as an ongoing guide on the world on nomad-ism for all those who wish you follow along and join in on the exploration of the world.

Thank you for all those who have read this.

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