How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gym?

Does going to your gym feel like a chore? Are you tired of your cardio – spinning – rowing routine? Then, you are amongst the majority of gym members who slowly become ‘inactive’ members at the gym. Below are the golden rules to break that habit and get the most out of your gym. You will feel charged, motivated and enthused before every session! Ok, are you ready for the golden rules, here goes:

Golden Rule #1: Have a Goal and pursue it relentlessly

We have all heard about the power of having goals. The same rules apply for your fitness regime. Consult with your trainers and make your goal measurable and time bound such as “Lose 10 pounds of fat in 3 weeks”, “Gain 5 pounds of muscles in 5 weeks”, “Run 5K in 2 months in under 30 minutes” – you get the idea. This will keep your motivation levels up as you push yourself to the limit in every session.

Be warned, however, that just setting a goal is not enough. You need to relentlessly pursue it every day. A goal is only a wish until you plan it, sweat it and live it.

Golden Rule #2: Make progress in every session

During each session you should aim to increase the intensity of your workout. Increase either your speed, or distance or incline. And for those doing weight training it can be either of weight or rep or sets or time under tension (TUT). Log your performance and review it before your gym session – so that before you go to the gym you know which exercises you need to do and with what weight.

Golden Rule #3: Review your progress

Keep track of your progress and insist on body measurements check-up at least once a month at your gym. Do not measure only body weight, get a reading of your body fat as weight gain can also be from gaining muscles and by the way congratulations if you have gained muscles. You have just kicked up your metabolism!

Golden Rule 4: Modify your ‘out of gym’ habits to achieve that goal

This is about your diet and how much you sleep. 70% of your results depend on your nutrition habits. Eat clean and every few hours. Work out the calories you need to reach your target body weight, consult the experts – your trainer or nutritionist. If you do not have access to expert advice, then the following article will give a good idea of what to expect ( Determine how much you consume on an average day and modify your diet from there.

The other important thing that often gets overlooked is sleep. While you sleep your body is busy doing the repair work –give it enough time to do that and get 8 hours of restful sleep. Switch off that mobile phone and laptop before snooze time.

Golden Rule #5: Follow through on your program

Based on your goal, your trainer would give you an exercise program. Its length can vary from 8 – 12 weeks and during this time you might come across a different routine that is giving someone great results or you might see something online. Now, instead of changing course midway resist this urge and stick to your schedule till the end. You know what they say, ‘It takes 4 WEEKS for YOU to notice the results, your FRIENDS will notice in 8 WEEKS and everyone else in 12 WEEKS. Have faith and results will follow.

Golden Rule 6: Inculcate weight training as part of your schedule (and for the ladies – DO NOT be scared of heavy weights!)

As a girl training with heavy weights, I get all kinds curious glances from other gym members. Even the trainers are surprised that I push myself so hard. But I do it because the benefits of weight training are humongous. It is not just about looking good- your bones become strong, you walk taller with more confidence and swagger, your metabolism kicks into high gear, you burn calories even after your weight training session, and so on. So, fit in a few sessions of weight lifting and enjoy the burn, your body will love you for it!

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