Techniques for Zipper Installation

How zippers are installed depends on the specific aesthetic, function, or project. Below are the most common ways used for zipper installation.

zipper techniques

When you speak of the lap in lapped zippers, this pertains to the fabric fold on the left portion covering the zipper. The fabric fold is often called placket. This is most commonly seen on garments, particularly along a back, side, or front seam.

This has a finishing with even fabric amount on both sides of the zipper. Even though the zipper is left unexposed, this technique shouldn’t make use of an invisible zipper. A centered zipper is sometimes referred to as that because this is on the center front or center back seam. This is used for blouses, dresses, and skirts in center back seam although it can be used even on side seam.

A separating zipper opens at its bottom to allow each side of the zipper to separate or come apart just like in jacket zipper. There are certain tricks used to install separating zippers. The separating zipper’s teeth should be completely exposed for it to function as expected. This is used for jackets, bombers, hoodies, and coats.

Inserted or Side Placket
It is similar to centered zippers but the difference is that the bottom and top of side or inserted placket are sewn across. The stitching should form a rectangle. The opening of the zipper allows adequate room for wearing the dress. This technique can be used on the pillow back for home décor. This can also be seen on garments for special occasions inside a fitted side seam.

In the installation of the exposed zipper, all the teeth, as well as the tape part to both sides of the teeth, remain exposed. It is a common technique in accessories, sportswear, and lots of home décor projects. .

Fly Front
Zipper sewn on the fly front opening of trousers, pants, or jeans is a specific process. This is sewn underneath so that the only visible part outside is the curved topstitching.

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