Top Spring Fashion Colors – Best Colors to Wear During Spring Season

Tired of wearing and bearing those grey blues and brown black of winters and now waiting for upcoming spring fashion colors? Yes, spring is coming along with the shiniest and alluring colors to boost up your personalities. Winters have really made you tired of wearing brown rubber boots and blue overalls, now its time to take a change by getting the most trendy and vibrant colors. It won’t be wrong if those are called grocery colors, well I am talking about lemon, raspberry, lime, tomato and tangerine. Yes fruit and vegetable colors are going to be the top fashion colors this spring.

Top Spring Fashion Colors

Lemon, being one of the most trendy spring fashion colors, is like providing a relief after wearing the dull hues like greys and blues in winters. Such a sunshiny, jolly and attractive color that is going to rock the fashion trends this spring. Wear a cute lemon cardigan or some nice designed chiffon top along with some neutral colored trousers like grey or cream, you will definitely going to make your personality stand out in your friends’ and relatives’ circle. Such a wonderful and brilliant color it is!


Since winter is ending now and so do the winter color trends however Tangerine is one of those colors that not only good for winter but it is alos birlliant for spring and summer as well. It attracts the attention naturally and looks pleasant on eyes. Put some neutral colored jeans or skirts with a tangerine colored top and you are good to go.


The most adventurous, striding, and playful lime color, being one of the top fashion colors of this spring will be most astounding color this season. Lime color always gives a very fresh look in ones personality. Oh well, it’s not funny but a fact that lime color suits everyone, whether redheads, blondes or brunettes. If you haven’t looked for it have it in your wardrobe till yet, this spring you have got a chance to try this most refreshing spring color. You can try some lime colored clutch along with nicely designed cute top and a pair of high heels. Once you try for it, I am sure you going to love it by the end of spring.


Raspberry, what a wonderful color it is. Purely feminine, deep and bold, and very refreshing color can give you such a classy look in this spring season. Being a strong impacted color, it by some means copes to evoke softness in your overall personality. It’s like a cool aunt who always chews gum and makes bubbles. Wear it with any of your favorite skirts or jeans; it will just simply boost up your personality by enhancing its depth of beauties. One of the top fashion colors of spring, raspberry color is always to make you bright and make you stand out in the crowd. Give a must try!


Yes, finally, the kind of sweet red color, tomato color is also one of the top spring fashion colors this season. Though it has some warmer tones along with orange shade, yet it initiates unassailable presence. The tomato red color is as demanding in fashion market as the Hollywood glamour was demanded in back 40’s. Tomato color has really got some powerful impact. Though it is red but such daring, confident and good girl impact it gives in one’s personality. And no doubt, the color’s strength is personified. I am sure, none of you are going to ignore such of an elegant and decent color in your wardrobes while making selection from top fashion colors of spring.

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